Small life update.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hey! So some of you may (or may not) have noticed that MMH did not happen this week! I honestly just had a lot going on, with throwing a party for a friend leaving the state-to everything else life has to offer hahah. Anyway, I don't want to frustrate myself with having a set schedule with blogging, if it gets done-great! If not-oh well. I put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure I get "read-worthy" content up. But life really isn't that interesting. I'm not traveling the world or taking tons of action shots hahah. I'm just a working mom/wife and I'm enjoying every second I get. I guess I'm allowing myself to be lazy. 

I had an interview today for a new job. Not in the medical field. I'm nervous cos I don't know what the pay is, I won't hear back for a week or two. Which is okay, I have other things I need to take care of in that time. I'm excited for a change though, if I get hired on. It's a great opportunity and I think I'll be a lot happier. But most of all, I should be getting more time with Olivia.
 Last night we got a new bed, we finally picked up our California king! Wow, sooo much room. Especially since Olivia sleeps with us haha. I also had dinner for the last time until December with my best friend.
I have a DIY project or two that I need to sit down and start haha. Jose and I just had our 3 year wedding anniversary and haven't celebrated yet so we're trying to figure out when to do that.
Things have been a tad bit hectic. But we're managing. I'm really excited and hopeful for the future. Things feel like they're changing fast. I'm off work from June 25-30th. So I think I'll be getting a ton of blogging done in that time! If you guys don't hear from me for a little while don't worry, I haven't forgotten you or stopped blogging. Life is just needs my undivided attention. :)

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