A lifetime isn't enough to love you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

All weekend people were telling me how great of a guy Jose is. How nice he is, how funny he is, anything and everything positive you could say about this guy was said. I definitely consider myself lucky to call this man my husband. I almost feel like its too good to be true. Do I really deserve him? I could drive myself crazy thinking about all the reasons he should leave me and find someone better, but instead I'll be thankful for every second I get with him. I married him a month after I turned 18, I had just graduated high school the week before. I was about to start my life with the man of my dreams and I had no idea what to expect. I never thought much of marriage. I figured if you got along fine without that piece of paper, why put so much pressure? I mean, my parents weren't married and it made separating a lot easier on them. Not that I was thinking about separating.
Anyway, Jose and I were together for about 6 months(around November) when I decided he was the one. I constantly told him I would marry him one day and that I couldn't wait to live together and anything else that might freak your boyfriend out. I never got much of a response out of him. We didn't talk about future plans, we didn't discuss where to move, I was almost worried he didn't even want to be with me hahah. Which was beyond stupid.
So, on the afternoon of March 14th we told my dad that we planned on getting married, after that we drove to his parents to tell them as well. And that's the day that I consider us getting engaged
So we fumbled around with dates for a while before choosing June 9, 2012. That means I had around 2 months to plan. Initially, we were going to go to a courthouse and do it the "easy" way. But Jose and I have such a generous family that they all pitched in and provided a very memorable wedding for us. I actually still have the box my wedding dress came in and I use it to keep gift bags and tissue paper. :')
I wouldn't change a thing about this relationship. Jose and I have a million inside jokes, and a lifetime of memories. I wouldn't change a single fight, I wouldn't take back any tears. Those moments have brought us to where we are now. They've strengthened our  relationship and have helped us to communicate better. 
I say this all the time, but I could not have chosen a better partner in life. 
You are my better half, my one and only, and my everything.

I seriously encourage everyone to take chances when it comes to a crush or partner. It took Jose and I months to finally just realize how crazy we were about each other, and I was almost sure he would never be interested in me, but something kept me hanging on.

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