Monday Must Haves #17

Monday, May 25, 2015

Hey guys! Hope you've had a good weekend! It's currently Sunday night/Monday morning right now-we're spending the weekend in Dallas. So I am updating from a hotel! Why is it that hotel beds are so much more comfy than our beds at home? Anyways, can't wait to share a few photos from this weekend, here's MMH for now!

Is it still okay to get this shirt if I only have like 3 plants and 2 of them are synthetic? hahah.

I plan on making my own banner soon! Maybe another simple DIY? But I sure do love this one.

You guys, something cute and petite like this would be so awesome!

Ughhhh, I could never ever bring myself to burn these, but I would love to scatter them around the house.

I don't wear any rings besides my engagement and wedding band, this one is pretty damn cool though.
I would love to add this to our gallery wall, it reminds me of Jose. :3

Yes, another banner, but how informative is it??

I will actually be receiving this in the mail soon and I'm beyond excited!

Not so excited about the price of the film, but some hobbies can be expensive~

I cannot stop listening to this album!

I hope you guys had an awesome Memorial weekend! Don't forget to thank those that have served for us.

card holder/Of a kind
film/Urban Outfitters
vinyl/Urban Outfitters

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