Memorial Weekend pt.1 : Saturday

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I'm not sure how many parts to this there will be, but I figured it would be safe to just go ahead and section it off anyways cos of the amount of photos I took. 
Okay so first off, Friday night I hung out with my friend Cari, we got some Chuys and talked about the book I'm currently reading (1Q84) [Btw, if you've read it-lets talk about it!!] and we went to Walmart and then we took her home. 
Saturday, Olivia and I slept most of the day. Or maybe just me, I'm a huge sucker for naps hahah. We left Tyler around 6pm, drove to Dallas-the weather was horrible. Luckily Olivia slept the entire way cos she's terrified of the rain.
That night we went to Chuck E Cheese! Olivia was big enough to get on rides and run around!

After Chuck E Cheese, we went back to the hotel room! So here are a few shameless hotel photos.
Okay, this bed was super comfy. Makes me beyond excited to get our california king, We're currently sleeping on a queen so it'll be a huge change!
This little desk was just absolutely precious! And helped me get all of my blogging done!
It was dark out and this was all the light I had, so don't give me trouble for the quality! Haha.
Yes, I took one of these photos hahah.
Nothing exciting here...this was actually the closest I came to this kitchen the entire weekend hahah.
Just looking at this photo makes me sleepy hahah. 
I hope you guys had a great weekend, I'll have Sunday's photos up soon! 

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