Memorial Weekend pt.2 : Olivia's first trip to the zoo!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sunday we went to the Dallas Zoo! This is where I took the most photos! I don't think I used my film camera once here, so all of the photos on my DSLR are the only photos I have. Man, it was the absolute best watching Olivia get so excited over the animals!
[If you don't care to see a million photos of Olivia you should find a different post]
What better way to be welcomed? I was actually scrambling around so much to take this photo from the window hahah.
Olivia actually speaks Spanish and English, so when she saw this she immediately started screaming "agua, agua, agua!"
I promise she was excited about the zoo, just not excited that mom and dad wouldn't let her jump in the agua.
What a hunk.
This would be Adrian, Gabby, Emmanuel, Jose, Livi, Jose's mom, and his dad. :)
I really loved these, they remind me of the plants out west!
We ended up getting her an umbrella of her own as soon as it stopped raining. -.-
A play area that was too wet to play on.
Olivia kept going from excited to scared when the goats would come near her hahah.
This little room was insanely cool! I'd love to hang a few of those on my wall!
I know what you're thinking at this point-no, there weren't any photos of animals. Coming to the zoo as an adult-it isn't fun. For me anyways. They all look so sad and depressed. I guess I would be too if I had to stay in a place that wasn't home. Sure, some zoo's are doing what they can to give the animals a habitat they're used to, but they can only do so much. I just didn't care to take a photo of an animal through a fence or wall of glass. That isn't how these animals should be observed! 
To end this post, I'll leave you with another photo of Olivia. This time, she's a free butterfly. I hope she never feels tied down when she doesn't want to be. Mentally, physically, financially, anything. I want my girl to only be happy. I know she won't always be happy 100% of the time, but a mom can dream. Watching this girl grow up has given me more joy than I could ever imagine. She makes every single struggle more than worth it.

I hope you enjoyed a couple photos from her first trip to the zoo with family!

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