Memorial Weekend pt.3 : Las Colinas!

Friday, May 29, 2015

This was our last day in Dallas! Or in Las Colinas, thats where our hotel was.
I took a few photos around the area, there were literally like 5 or 6 photographers, I would have gotten photos of them taking pictures but I didn't want to seem creepy hahah.
Hm, this may be the perfect spot for this place.
Oh ya know, being a cool guy and all.
This reminds me of Spirited Away! Anyone else see it??
I swear this girl is crying in more photos than smiling hahah.
I really hate that she's blurry in this but for whatever reason, the other photos didn't show up. :(

After this we went shopping, I plan on taking photos so I can do a mini haul of what I got, it wasn't very much but I think it'd be kinda fun! I can't wait to develop the roll I just finished cos I got a good amount of photos in this spot. Hope you guys enjoyed these photos from our 3 day weekend!

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