DIY: Mid Century Modern Coffee Table

Friday, May 22, 2015

It's been a while since I've done a DIY!
This one took a few days cos of the weather-it's been raining nonstop. Finding free time to do this was also a challenge. I bought my materials at Lowes & Home Depot. I've seen tables like this run from $100-$400. WHY. Why so much? They're so petite and lightweight, I just don't understand it. Granted, the wood is probably much sturdier and much better quality. This table was a total of $53-would have been a lot less if I had gotten a smaller can of stain, but I can always use it for every single project involving wood now hahah.
I used an old shirt to rub the stain on the wood. Unless you're very careful with the stain, I would recommend doing this outdoors and using something to protect the ground.
Make sure you properly measure where the legs should go, we had to adjust these after setting the table on the ground.
Since we haven't used a stain seal, the wood looks gross and ashy, but I absolutely love how this came out! It was incredibly easy and could be done in a day if you have enough time to let the stain set and dry!
Please let me know if you guys decide to recreate this table! Maybe taller legs? Bigger surface? Different color stain? This table would look perfect any color!

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  1. Oh wow this is amazing, I wish I could do stuff like this but I am crap at diy, well done you!

    Meme xx

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