Monday Must Haves #14

Monday, May 4, 2015

You guys, I have been getting a really awesome amount of traffic lately. So hello to everyone new! I love seeing where the most views come from and usually its always the same couple people, but lately I've noticed new viewers and that's so cool! It's awesome seeing your blog grow. And the comments you guys leave are so incredibly sweet.
Okay, okay, enough rambling. Can you believe we've done Monday Must Haves for 14 weeks now?!

I used to have this necklace that I wore every single day. And then one day I just cut it off, this is the kind of necklace to replace that. <3_<3
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Honestly, I'm not sure that the espresso side would get much use...but I'd use the hell out of the steamer side hahah.

I know I've posted the matching top before, but I'm not entirely sure that I've posted the pants and if I have, oops, I just love them that much.

Ahh this pattern is too beautiful.

Jose and I have extremely similar taste in furniture/decor and I couldn't be more thankful, I already had these picked out and one day we were looking for a new sofa and he pointed out something similar and I was just so thrilled to be with someone that wants to decorate the house the same hahah.

These sunglasses are too dang cute, the only pairs I have are knock off Ray Bans.

I'm like 98% sure I'm going to start putting my tapestries up again.

You ever find such cute note cards that you couldn't even bring yourself to write on them?
These are the most comfortable things to wear on your lower half.

This record got me through so much, it would only make sense to get it in vinyl.

Hope you guys had a great weekend, its been insanely busy and frustrating around here but we're managing!

espresso/West Elm
tapestry/Urban Outfitters
note cards/Modcloth
joggers/Forever 21

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