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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

You're lying if you tell me we're friends and you don't spend hours on the web looking up furniture and home decor.
I have been all about it lately.
We recently sold our old sectional and bought something that felt younger and more fresh.
photo via instagram
Leather can be nice and comfy, but nothing beats a sofa like this. It took us a couple of shopping trips to find the perfect one, which was actually the very first one we looked at. 

This is some of the home inspiration I've been seeing lately!
photo via dreamgreendiy
Photo via abeautifulmess

Now that I'm really looking at the photos side by side, I think I may have gotten carried away with my "inspiration". I literally just copied these people hahah.
photo via apartmenttherapy
It looks like this console is being used more as a shelf, but I would use this as a tv stand.
photo via pinterest
This would be the perfect side table.
photo via pinterest
These is our goal as far as a gallery wall goes. If you know where to get some great art, comment below!!
photo via west elm blog
We wanted the typical mid century modern look, without the price it usually comes with...which wasn't easy. Jose and I have expensive taste with a budget that doesn't fit haha. Luckily we found this sofa when it was about $200 off, and I got a bit of a discount for paying cash as well. 
We found the chair on Overstock, its pretty stiff since its brand new. But I'm sure it'll soften up the more we use it. The quality seems to be great considering the price, it wasn't easy finding something under $200 that wasn't plastic hahah. Well, something brand new anyway. 
We're on the hunt for a side table to go between the orange chair and our sofa. 
I love how o p e n it feels in the living room now. I feel like Olivia has so much more room to run around and play. The set up before didn't allow for the room to flow very well. 
Our plans for this place are to fill up the wall above the desk-it'll be our gallery wall. We have a few paintings/prints, but we're waiting to expand our collection before we put anything up. 
We plan on building a coffee table, we can't find one that we love with a price tag that we're comfortable with. I can't wait to share the process with you guys when we get it started!
And last but not least, we would love to upgrade our media console. I've found plenty that I love. I think that'll be the one thing that we'll have to spend quite a bit on. We need something long lasting and big enough so Olivia can't slap the tv. 
I can't wait to see how this place comes along, I'll post updates when we get more stuff added!

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  1. It looks really lovely, and it doesn't matter that you got inspiration for it, me and my partner just moved in together and I can't wait to start decorating properly, pinterest is great for inspiration.

    Meme xx

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