We got a kitten!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

This is our new kitten, Luna!
My husband and I have been on a Sailor Moon kick and he actually named her!
We missed our boston terrier so much and decided it was time for a new pet. I had been searching for a kitten for a while and finally found one and picked her up. We wanted a mostly black cat, that way she actually resembled Luna from SM. 
Olivia absolutely loves her. Luna is still a little apprehensive. As you can imagine, Olivia wants to be sweet and cuddle, but can't figure out how to approach her slowly, so she runs after her as soon as she sees Luna running around. We got her April 19th!
Lemme tell you, cats are way easier than dogs. Well, kittens anyway. 
I can't wait to watch this little baby grow up with Liv. 

This cat is obsessed with Jose and refuses to let anyone else take a proper photo of her. This was the best I could do-she was more interested in running around than being a little model. I'll eventually get better photos of her...hopefully. Anyways, just thought I'd share this. It's funny cos we don't even really like cats. This one has been fine though. I'm sure she'll grow on us and we'll love her and yada yada. Hope you guys have had a great day! 

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