Monday Must Haves #13

Monday, April 27, 2015

It felt like last week was the longest week ever. I actually called in sick to go to an estate sale with Chrysta-I got a french press but I'll be using it as a milk frother. After that we went to Chuys and took the girls on a baby date. I went home to clean then headed to my hair appointment. As for the rest of the week, it just feels like a big headache. Olivia has been on and off with a fever and I'm not 100% sure what's causing it. Anyways, here is Monday Must Haves to start off a better week! (As if last week was that bad)

I've been breaking out like I just hit puberty and I've heard that this works wonders.

I am really into learning about different cameras, how cool would it be to be able to make sure you got a good shot before developing?

I feel like everyone has their *thing* when it comes to makeup; mascara, eyeliner, blush. Mine is lipstick. It's one of my favorite parts of doing my makeup. And I've had my eye on this one since it came out.

I actually just started this! I have been trying to get back into reading more and this book looks sooo good. Its like #6 for best Japanese books on goodreads.

I have been lusting after a cute bar cart. But I would use it more as a tea/coffee cart. I'm sure I have something around that I can repaint. ;)

I think I've nearly every style of Vans besides these. Ahh they'd look so cute with some shorts and a crop.

Its hard not to show planters, its probably one of the things I look at most on the internet.

I mentioned my hair appointment earlier, well all I got was a cut but the girl that did it (her name is Kate) used this wax spray and dhfdsjfsdk, I really really want to purchase this. <3_<3

My friend Colleen actually sent me this top and I thought it was hilarious. We have a pretty similar outlook when it comes to making new friends; we don't really need any hahah. Luckily we made an exception for each others cos we ended up being pretty compatible.

I love love love this album so much. I love everything The White Stripes have put out, Jack White is just genius.

face cleanser/Lush
digital polaroid/Best Buy
liquid lipstick/Sephora
wax spray/Ulta

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