Saturday in Dallas!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

So this Saturday we went to Dallas. Mostly cos Jose had to pick up an amp he bought a month before. We decided to make the trip worthwhile and do something fun.

We picked up my friend Carrie and stopped at sonic to get some food, we waited and waited and everyone around us was getting their food and driving off. So we eventually drove around to the drive thru and explained what happened and ended up getting our entire meal free! It was pretty nice.

I'm a creature of habit. Mainly because when I do finally try something new, its terrible. 
When I try a new dish at a restaurant it's nasty. When I take a different route, I get lost. Something always happens. So I get super nervous with trying new things. 
Well I had seen sooo many people posting photos of Pho and I had to have it. 
This was the same day we went to the Perot Museum (you can find that post here)!

Terrible photo from the car.

I got the chicken noodle, Jose got the beef noodle, and Carrie got the seafood noodle. It was ah-mazing. I can't wait to go back! Not to mention, the boba. *insert heart eyes emoji*

The photos themselves aren't beautiful, I was more worried about enjoying my food, honestly!
We went to Pho Pasteur, it was super cute and very authentic feeling. We obviously used chopsticks and the menu was in Vietnamese.

After Pho Pasteur we went to guitar center! So Jose could pick up his amp.

You can see the clouds behind the building in this photo! Luckily we just missed the rain as we were heading home.
I am personally not the first to volunteer to drive in Dallas. It scares me and I'm not afraid to admit it. I'm the type of driver other people have to watch out for haha. But I sure do love staring out the window while Jose drives.

Hope you guys have a good Wednesday!

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