Perot Museum!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

So I decided to turn this little Dallas trip into two sections. One of nothing but photos from going to Perot and the other one will be from the rest of our day in Dallas! 
This museum was...AMAZING. We had so much fun! 
I haven't been to a museum since like middle school and I was beyond excited. The trip was supposed to be for Olivia...but I think us adults were way more excited. 

As soon as we got there they had these little instruments outside.

We decided it would be best to let Olivia run around in the kids exhibit before we went to the exhibits we wanted to go to. 
In her exhibit they had so many cute little sections. She got to climb the Dallas skyline, go up and down stairs by herself, pretend she was camping, color on a chalk table, pretend to grocery shop, and honestly just run around like she didn't have anyone chasing after her. 

This was taken in the tent.
The smallest park ranger you ever did see!
This is the chalk table!
We took a shameless family bathroom selfie.
The next exhibit was the dinosaur!
After running around little Liv took a nap and we got to run around the rest of the museum!
Another selfie.
We were laughing incredibly hard because the first panoramic photo that Jose took made us look a little...funny hahah. You can only imagine.
These gems were so mesmerizing. I honestly just couldn't stop thinking about how much the amethyst must have cost.
 My lovely husband got a photo of me snapping a photo with my new film camera!
You guys know I had to get a photo of mushrooms!
By this time the museum was starting to close so we decided to go outside! soon as we got to the museum, we passed this little area and we immediately knew Olivia would have a blast. 
I promise we tried to keep her from going crazy...but we couldn't keep this sweet girl from having the time of her life.

Don't worry, we packed extra clothes for her and her hair dried up right away!
There are about 50 more photos from this trip but I like to keep those just for myself. >:)
It's hard to enjoy things while also capturing every moment. And I'm totally up for every challenge I get. I didn't get very many photos of each exhibit cos of the lens I brought(50mm) so that's why most of these are close ups of us hahah. Anyways, hope you enjoyed these photos of us enjoying the museum! 

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