Monday Must Haves #12

Monday, April 20, 2015

I was so excited about MMH that I literally started adding things by Tuesday. I know to some people this is super unnecessary, but I get such positive feedback and I think it almost helps you get to know me. Or what I like/want anyways. AND some people have even bought some of the things I've shown on here! So that's always super cool. 

Jose and I have been talking about giving our sectional to his parents and getting different furniture that fits better in our livingroom. I would love to have my own armchair. 
I know this is incredibly nerdy. I almost bought a taller version of this but I couldn't bring myself to do it. This one is much more doable though. >:)

Guys, this would go perfect on my bookshelf. <3__<3
Being from New Mexico, hearing stories about Roswell was like hearing nursery rhymes.
I could totally see myself drinking hot chocolate out of this with whipped cream. 

I know this says butter warmer, but c'mon, I would totally use it to warm milk for my tea. 

It's funny that I posted the AE-1 cos the day I was browsing the web for an SLR, I ended up buying the canon AV-1, but it doesn't seem like those are as common as the AE-1 so I'll just keep this one up here.

A nice little reminder for the home.

I want so badly to buy plants for the house and redecorate everything, but I would definitely have to buy fake plants. My name is Bree, and I'm a plant killer.

I have this problem where I obsess over new things, so when I discovered Descendents, they were all I listened to for months. Jose hates that I do that, but I ended up learning most songs and lyrics, the only bad thing is I associate certain artists with whatever time period I'm in. So this reminds me of living in our apartment and being broke all the time haha. No matter how little we had, we were still so happy though. 

mushrooms/Plastic Land
plant hanger/Anthropologie

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