A new friend!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

These are just a few pictures from us going to the park earlier. 
Yesterday my friend Colleen and I went to Hobby Lobby, then to get sushi at Fresh. When we finished we decided to go get some boba tea from a place that just opened. But seeing as it was Good Friday, they were closed. So she took me and Olivia home and we met up later that night to have some amazing dinner at a friends house. She ended up leaving shortly after she finished eating and Jose and I stayed until 3am! It was such a great night of talking and hanging out. 
I think it's so vital to have important conversations. Conversations that have meaning. Jose and I are fortunate to have friends we're comfortable with and close to. 

Today we woke up at 11AM, that's so late for us. As soon as we woke up, we all showered and got ready. Colleen came and picked us up and off to Boba-Loompia we went! Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of our drinks. I am constantly fighting between capturing memories and not being that annoying person that always takes pictures of everything.
After Boba-Loompia we went to the park! 
 OH, and I cut Olivia's hair cos it was getting in her eyes.
Okay, so Colleen and Norah are freaking matching. I know, its almost too much. ^.^
The best way to get a picture of a toddler is to run backwards in front of them. *insert emoji laughing hysterically*
I hate that Jose is blurry in this photo, but it's too cute not to post.

I had such a blast meeting Colleen this weekend. It's so refreshing meeting someone who is so genuine and down to earth. Not to mention, another friend with a baby! I can't wait for her to come back to Tyler and bring her husband!

You can follow Colleen on Instagram @cawleene

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