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Sunday, April 5, 2015

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This is long overdue. 
I finally changed my phone number. Partly cos I wanted a dramatic change, and partly cos now I know exactly who has it. I took a break from texting and didn't give many people my number for a couple of days. If anyone took that personally, well, I don't really know what to tell you. I personally needed the break. I deleted my Facebook and Twitter app as well. I only get text notifications now.

I've decided to rid my life of anything negative. Granted, this isn't an over night process. It's going to take a while. But I've stopped creeping (which really wasn't that hard) I just don't browse the internet much anymore. I always found myself on random people's accounts, getting upset at what I thought were absurd things to post. But that's more of an opinion. Not like everyone agrees with everything I post. So I've stopped wasting my time with that. (It's been 4 weeks)

Friends. This was a hard one. Which is why I needed the texting break. I got tired of the negativity some people brought. If it doesn't concern me, why do I care? I don't. I don't need other people's problems. I've made plenty of new friends and lost plenty that I don't need. I think everything happens for a reason, and I'm beyond happy with the group I have now. Mostly because they don't live near me. I don't feel obligated to text anyone 24/7. I hate feeling like I need to maintain a friendship like it's a relationship. I have enough to worry about with my husband and daughter. 
Of course, I care deeply about the friends I have, but they understand if I take a couple hours to reply-they also have families. I will do what I can to be there for them. But I won't put them ahead of my family, and I don't expect any of them to do that for me.

Internet. Almost goes hand-in-hand with friends. Except you're not really friends. You're internet acquaintances until you meet in person. I hate getting on facebook or twitter and seeing people talk shit. It drives me crazy. Of all the things you could be doing with your time.. Instead of talking about how a girl looks, what a guy said, or what someone else is doing with their life...maybe improve  yours? It just looks ugly. I don't want to know people like that. I don't want to be like that. I want it out of my life. Social media can be so toxic. 

It's hard writing stuff like this. Personal stuff. I go back and forth between not putting too much out there and just being who I am. But this is my blog. And I want it to be more honest than a bunch of pictures I take of/for friends and a list of shit I want. I started this blog to have a place to go and put my words. If you don't like this, then close it. Its simple. Thank you for the page view but I don't need anymore negativity. :-)

If you read all the way to the bottom, I'm impressed. I didn't think anyone would read this far down. This post was mostly just for myself. Now that I've been staying off the internet and doing more productive things, I've been so much happier. I'm excited to see how differently things will be. 

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