Olivia in the snow!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

For about 5 minutes we let Olivia play in the snow. AKA walk around until she wanted to go indoors. We enjoyed it much more than she did. I just really wanted to get pictures of her in it. 
We got sent home early again. And we are taking full advantage!
So here are a few photos, I hope you guys enjoy!
Our neighbors made this igloo!

I'm so sad the snow is already melting, I didn't get very many photos of the snow.

We've been watching The Office for about 4 days straight, and we only have a few seasons left, but luckily House Of Cards is about to come back on!

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  1. Oh look at her sweet little face, she looks like she is enjoying herself so much! Beautiful pictures hun.

    Meme xx

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