Snowed in part 2

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

OKAY, so, here in Texas we don't get many snow days. So when we do see snow, everyone panics. 
That isn't an exaggeration. The drivers are probably much more hazardous than the snow itself haha.
So I got to stay home with babygirl yesterday and we did a whole lot of nothing. Mostly just cleaning the place up. The snow had melted so we couldn't go play in it.

I started with some breakfast, chai tea and some Nutella on toast.

I can't help but admire how beautiful and full of character our home is.

This is our bedroom, or a corner of it. I honestly made the bed just for the photo. I never saw the point of making your bed, the covers would get ruined night after night anyways.
Yes, that is a Dragon Ball Z wall scroll.

Next is the restroom, probably one of the easiest places in the house to clean haha. 
I am pretty sure I opened the blinds to every single window in the house. I just loved the natural sunlight coming in.

This is the living room, I'm sure I've shown it on here a few tiems.

My desk where most of my blogging gets done.

Jose finally hung his guitars up in the dining room!

Ahh, my little bb playing with her toys. She's usually flipping through her books. But I think she wanted something that lit up yesterday. :)

I hope you enjoyed some random home photos. I enjoyed actually seeing sunlight on a weekday haha.
We got out of work early today so expect more snow pictures!
Everyone be safe and try to enjoy whatever weather you're having!

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