Monday Must Haves #5

Monday, March 2, 2015

For anyone who may not know what Monday Must Haves is, its things I want but don't necessarily need. A place to show you things I find on the internet that I love that maybe you might also enjoy. So here is week 5! Also, first Monday in March!

Fall out boy is my absolute favorite band. I very rarely buy band t's anymore but I enjoyed the print on this one, 10 points if you know why!

I love the simple pattern of this top!

I have owned plenty of high rise, but nothing that fits the figure like these! *insert heart eyes*

Ugh, we don't have any mirrors in the house besides the one above the sink in the restroom, I would love to have one hanging in the living room.

I have a thing for sweaters, and a very specific look I want.

Yes, yes another hat. But how great is it?

Every couple months I have a "thing" and for a few months my thing has been stripes.

We have the oldest light fixtures in our home, I would love to update them to something like this!

Ugh, I own two pairs of these joggers, I would love to add these to my "collection"!

You guys should know by now that I have to add at least 1 record in every MMH. This is my choice this week. I could listen to this soundtrack every single day. Such a perfect combination of every mood.

fall out boy/Hot Topic
patterned top/Urban Outfitters
high rise/Urban Outfitters
striped top/H&M
light fixture/Anthropologie
joggers/Pac Sun

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