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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It's been a while since I've just sat down and posted on here. Here's a slight update;
We're currently setting money aside for Christmas presents, slowly shopping here and there. And, shopping for Olivia's birthday party! Which will be here at the house in a few months. It's been pretty crazy. This is what Jose is getting me for Christmas:
You can get it here from Best Buy.
And to go along with it, he's also getting this
Which you can get here from Storenvy!
I'm so so excited to get it. I'll be able to take my own pictures whenever I want. And I finally get to learn how to take pictures haha. I should have it around the end of November. I'm holding out to see if they'll go down a bit on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. If not, I'll just drive over to Best Buy and pick one up. 
OH, big news, I got contacts today! I was actually super scared to get them for a long time hahah. And I'm sure the girl helping me thought I was super weird cos I was like too scared to take them out and had her take them out of my eye hahah. But I'm so happy, I actually feel like doing my makeup now and putting effort into how I look. I usually take my glasses off when I take pictures anyways so if you don't know me in real life you probably don't realize that I wear my glasses 24/7. I'm still kinda dizzy since my eyes are still adjusting. But if they don't comfortably adjust by next Tuesday I'm gonna go ahead and see if I can get a different prescription or brand. 
I hope you guys had a fun and safe Halloween. I stayed home with my husband, baby, and had a friend come over. Essentially, I did absolutely nothing. But it was nice. Everything has been incredibly hectic around here.
I feel like these next few months are gonna fly by. Or I hope. I'm ready to watch my baby girl open presents on Christmas morning. And then watch her open gifts on her birthday. The end of this year is going to be non-stop for us. But it's gonna be so nice when we're finally able to rest in February haha. 

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