Fun filled weekend!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

So last weekend we went to a hockey game! Which happened to be Olivia's very first! Very exciting, probably more for us than her haha. She did really well, I was pretty nervous, with her being so young. That she would end up getting insanely bored but I think the loud noises kept her interested. We got to see two friends(another couple)that we don't really get to see very often since they live in Dallas. Hopefully we get to see them again next month. Christian and Abbey were generous enough to let the Lopez family crash at their place for the weekend and we couldn't have asked for them to be sweeter. They are seriously such great and caring friends. Sorry Livi was a bit fussy, guys! Haha.
We did a bit of shopping as well, Livi got her very first Lush experience!(Even before her mom) Here are a few pictures from our weekend in Dallas:

This picture was taken at the very entrance before we went in. 
Ever since I got this camera I've been trying so hard to take the perfect selfie. Clearly haven't mastered it yet hahah.
From left to right: Christian, Abbey, Me, Olivia in my lap, and Jose
Stars win 3-1!

I bought a few things at Lush. Two bath bombs and a bubble bar for my Livi. And a face scrub for Jose's mom for Christmas, hopefully she doesn't see this haha. 

And last but absolutely not least, Olivia's very first bubble/bath bomb/lush bath!

None of these pictures have been edited so please excuse the quality.

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