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Sunday, November 30, 2014

So Olivia has pretty much grown out of using receiving blankets. Which is pretty sad for me, it means she's growing up. :( Anyways, I've noticed that she started using her boppy as a pillow. So this morning I put her sheets and her pillow in the washer(she got cookie all over them)well, the pillow didn't survive. The washer created a huge hole in it. So I decided to put those old blankets to use and I made a pillow for her. This is my first DIY on here so please be nice, I'm just a normal mom trying to be crafty and help my baby girl out haha.
So what I used was a pair of scissors, a receiving blanket, the cotton from her boppy, and a sewing machine. Even if you don't have a sewing machine you could definitely do it by hand since it isn't a huge project. But since I have one I figured I may as well put it to use considering its been a while.
Okay, so first I went ahead and folded the blanket in half with the pattern facing itself(down)
after I straightened it out, I cut the sides a little shorter so the pillow wasn't super long
then I went ahead and pinned the sides down so they wouldn't move around while I was sewing. I pinned them about an inch from the edge so my needle wouldn't hit the pin, I've had that happen and the needle has broken and hit me in the face, I was very traumatized. Leave a slit in the middle of one of the sides open, you'll need to flip the pattern inside out later on and if you sew it all the way around you won't be able to

I go ahead and start sewing, don't forget to back stitch the corners! I stuck a little green note on my machine since I have such a terrible memory, if you're doing this by hand just make sure to go back over the corners until they're secure.
This is the little slit I left open so I could turn it inside out like this
once you turn it inside out, you can go ahead and start putting the cotton in if you're happy with how it looks

now that the cotton is in there and it's as fluffy as I want it I can go ahead and stitch it shut, you can do this by hand or with your machine. Try to get as close to the edge as possible since this will be visible. 
Cut off any excess string and fabric and you're done! Olivia's first pillow and it was made out of one of her own blankets. She was so excited when I gave it to her. I'm excited to see her use it and carry it around. And it feels good knowing I can do this for my baby girl. Not only is it her first pillow made out of her baby blanket, her mom made it! 
I hope this was somewhat helpful.

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