Staying cozy for fall.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

This post may not be very long. These are a few things that keep me cozy for fall and ultimately just make me happier around this season.

I really feel like this was such a long process. I have a simple point and shoot camera, or did, I searched everywhere for it and have no idea where it went. So I've had one of my friends come over and take pictures for me. So you can imagine how hard it is to work around natural lighting and our schedules. Which seriously means so much to me since I have no way besides my iPhone to post pictures.

So one of my absolute favorite ways to stay cozy is tea! Preferably spiced black tea. My #1 choice is chai tea, but since I don't have any, Holiday Tea will do just fine. This tea is by Harney & Sons. There's nothing better than snuggling up under a warm blanket waiting for your water to boil so you can steep your teabag. I love adding milk and sugar to my tea.
Another favorite is Earl Gray. I used to work at Barnes & Noble(favorite job ever!) and I can't tell you how many different drink combinations I made. Some were keepers, and others I could live without every trying again. But a little bit of milk and vanilla syrup in Earl Gray sure was yummy and perfect for this weather. 
Ah, how calming and soothing are candles? Here I have Pumpkin by Yankee Candle. I don't know if its the warm glow of the flame, the orange color of the candle itself or the scent, but just having it on and seeing it is comforting. I love candles, and I definitely change them up with the seasons. 
And my Iron & Wine vinyl. There's just something about it that I prefer over anything digital. Maybe cos the high treble hurts my ears? I know I can adjust it, but with a vinyl I don't have to. I can just enjoy the quality. Perfect on a chilly day.
And last, but certainly not least, my tall socks. I think this is what I've been most excited for. An "acceptable" time to wear my tall socks! Sometimes pants aren't the most comfortable, but I'm also cold. So all I have to do is throw on a pair of socks and I'm good to go. And, if you're like me and feel like you never have time to do anything, if you don't shave your legs know one will know. ;) I 100% encourage laziness during this season! Cos why not? It seriously feels like the only season you can just lie around and enjoy it.

I'm so so excited to see the leaves change colors in our new neighborhood. It's going to be beautiful. Hopefully I'll be able to get a few pictures of Olivia in the leaves! Hope you're enjoying the month of October as much as we are. Expect plenty more fall related posts. 

Photos generously taken by Josh Carroll. Twitter @awesome_korean/Instagram feisty_korean

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