Fall baby outfit!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Geez, where did this year go? I had Olivia in January, and it's almost her first birthday! I feel like I just blinked and this year flew by. I'm happy and sad. Sad cos my baby girl is about to be 1. Happy because I had the best year of my life. I PRODUCED A HUMAN. Still the absolute most rewarding thing I've ever done. Besides get married. ;)
Here are a few little things I'd love to purchase for my lil mama if I had the extra cash!
How adorable is this slouchy beanie? You can find the pattern here. And I think Target may have one similar!

Ugh, I would ABSOLUTELY love to get her a heavy knit sweater like this. HOW COZY does this look? I may have to pick one up for myself when I get her one. ;)

Leggings have just become a must for me during fall. I'm so used to wearing them with tall socks and boots. (How original) hahah. If I can find some decently priced leggings you better believe I will be purchasing them. You can find these here. They're sold out I believe, but there are some similar!
Ugh, I've been debating when to get these. They're pretty pricey so I'd like to get the most wear out of them and I just know if I buy them now she won't wear them very much. Olivia doesn't exactly like wearing shoes. She'll do what she can to get them off ASAP. I think I'm going to wait until she can walk, then she may like these and they'll be comfy as well! You can find this beautiful pair here!

Hope you enjoyed these items as much as I did! How adorable is this little fall outfit?

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