In the lake with a chair

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

And completely terrified the entire time that I was going to be bit or strangled by a snake. So bad that at one point I had to pull my feet back in and splash around to "scare" off anything that may be coming near. Geez. I'm so glad that water wasn't crystal clear or I probably wouldn't have gotten in. 
My friend did an amazing job. And I seriously cannot wait to work with her again. I'm amazed that you can see exactly where I put my bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks. That's high quality! 
It was so great being able to catch up with her again. And I'm excited to see what we do next. Hopefully I won't be such a baby about it haha! 

And here's one of me putting my shoes back on complaining about all the scary noises I was hearing and bugs that were biting. (Wow, I sound really obnoxious) 
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