Monday Must Haves #8

Monday, March 23, 2015

Nothing like a MMH to start the week. If anyone ever purchases anything from my "list" let me know! I'd love to know who enjoys the things I post!

 So first thing is a milk frother, I can't just boil or microwave milk, it has to be frothed. I think I got spoiled from working in a cafe. It just makes the milk taste so creamy.
Ahh, I am steadily increasing my unicorn collection. Would love to add these.
Guys, these boots though! I'm sure I'd never be able to walk in them though.
Ugh, I went to Best Buy on Saturday and this little guy caught my eye.
Warm weather really can't come fast enough. These shorts are too cute.

Yes, another hat. I STILL haven't found the perfect one. I love the color of this one.

I don't know if anyone else loves the smell of books/paper but I'm so curious to smell/wear this.
Okay, this is way too cute. And I need it asap. A fisheye camera!

I have actually been looking for a nice eyeball shirt...

And of course, a classic. I could listen to this on repeat forever.

lens/Best Buy
shorts/Forever 21

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  1. So many of your must haves remind me of why you're my best friend. :*