Monday Must Haves #6

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hey guys! I almost didn't think I would be able to get this out today. 
Olivia got really sick Friday morning and then as soon as I got her fever down, I got a fever and ended up being super sick. I think I got over it yesterday, I'm just left with a bit of congestion at the moment. 
Without anymore delay, here is week 6 of Monday Must Haves!

I've had my eyes on these for quite some time, and one day I'll bring myself to grab a pair.

Guys, vertical stripes, are you kidding me??

Okay, so this thing is so pricey that I don't think I'll ever have the money for something like this. But wow, how insanely cool would it be?

I was just browsing Modcloth and saw this insanely cute bag that can totally be converted into a camera bag.
Boots! You can't go wrong with boots.

I've heard nothing but good things about these lipsticks. This one is in the shade "Olivia".
I cannot wait for warmer weather.

Since we're talking about bottoms, I'll just throw these in there. <3_<3

You guys, it's taking a lot of self control not to order this right now. I am in love.

I have decided to keep with the theme of a music item being the last thing in my MMH, I chose this classic.

Hope you guys had a great weekend, I'm super excited about this time change! It's going to make taking pictures a million times easier!!

boots/Free People 


  1. Those boots, bag, lipstick and shorts. My gosh. I love the whole list ;)