Monday Must Haves #3

Monday, February 16, 2015

I don't know what is with me lately! I can't get over black & gold or just gold in general!
Home decor has been catching my eye all over the place. If I could redecorate I would have black, white, and gold, with hints of copper!

This watch calls my name every time I pass American Apparel, I just can't bring myself to drop $80 on something I could easily score somewhere for $5. But how beautiful is it?

UGH, this is something I would absolutely love to put above my desk! How stinkin cute are these?

I don't know how long I've actually wanted a bra like this but a while back I stopped wearing push-up bra's and I can't go back.

I really regret not picking this up when I saw it at H&M, I don't usually regret things I leave on the rack, but this one is haunting me.

Okay how perfect would this be for spring?

I've seriously been eying this for a while now. Who wouldn't want a cute little pot to heat milk up in for tea time?

Okay, when I say this is my favorite scent, I mean it. If I could only smell one scent for the rest of my life this would be it.

I've been trying to get our home to not look so "old married couple" like. And I think this would look amazing in our room!

My current boots are falling apart, what better excuse to get some new sturdy boots?

I recently found this insanely cute store and I wish I could get my hands on one of these!

And last but certainly not least, I couldn't make these posts without adding at least one vinyl. This has been one of my most loved albums ever and I would die happy if I could add it to my collection.

prisma wall decor/Urban Outfitters
bra/Urban Outfitters
bug top/H&M
blouse/Forever 21  
milk pot/Amazon
candle/Bath & Body Works
fuji waves tapestry/Earthbound 
docs/Dr Martens
texting shirt/Inu-Inu 
sublime/Urban Outfitters

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