Staying home from work.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

So Tuesday morning around 1 or 2AM, I woke up with an insanely terrible ear ache in my right ear. I decided right away that there was no way I could go to work, and called my supervisor first thing in the morning. To be totally honest, I was kinda happy about having an ear infection-I got to spend the day with Olivia! So, I decided I would actually get a bit done while I was off and recovering. I cleaned the house up a bit, we're still recuperating from Olivia's birthday party.
It's really nice seeing the living room back to normal after the insane amount of people we squeezed in the house haha.
So I was actually listening to Sucre the entire time I was cleaning and something about Stacey's voice is just absolutely soothing and dreamy.

I could not go a sick day without my tea! This is actually a tea that my bff Carrie got me for Christmas. (Click her name to check out her amazing and inspiring blog!)
This is a chai tea, which is my favorite. Definitely helped me feel a bit better. 
What helps you feel better when you're sick?
I have to admit, I absolutely love staying home from work, ever since the time changed I feel like I never see the sun unless its on the weekend. Aka, I never have enough time to do the things I want, like lay around and take a couple pictures. Granted, the only thing I can't do is take pictures because I rely 100% on natural lighting. But I could totally do anything else I wanted, I just don't have the motivation when it's not sunny haha. One day I'll be able to just take a vacation and not have to go anywhere but be able to just lie around the house, that's my idea of a fun vacation anyways!

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  1. Your photo's are lovely, and so glad Olivia's party went well.
    Always lovely to read your posts.

    Meme xx

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