Sunday, December 21, 2014

So, I finally got to use my camera more. A lot more, actually. This Friday we went to Chuck E Cheese in Dallas. Which was actually exciting cos the last time we were there I was pregnant, so Olivia got to enjoy it a bit more. ;)
I'm finally setting aside some time(very quickly)to share some photos with you guys.
It probably would have been more fun for Olivia had she been able to walk, and if they had an area for her to play, but all they had was games. And I'm not so sure I'd feel safe with her wandering around-with me behind of course. Kids tend to be very pushy..
Anyways, here are a few very cute photos of Olivia
This was us just sitting at the table, right after finishing pizza
Her first ride! She was a bit wobbly, and was paying more attention to the other kids running around
Which one is Olivia?
She was a little weary of her passenger but I think she enjoyed his company
There aren't very many, or any, games that she can play-but this one caught her attention
Oh this one kills me, she looks like a toddler more than a baby :(
For some reason, she wouldn't even try to grab the ball, she preferred slapping the machine
As a parent, I'm realizing how hard it is not to just choose every single picture of her. *insert emoji hysterically crying*
I saved the best for last, she clearly had no idea what she was supposed to do.
I hope you guys enjoyed these pictures we snapped of Olivia's very first Chuck E Cheese visit!

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