Olivia is 4 months.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Olivia is now 4 months. After 6 weeks I never kept up with how many weeks she was. And after a year, I won't be keeping up with months, it's just unnecessary. She loves fruit in her little mesh bag, she loves oatmeal in her bottle, she loves baby food-vegetables only. She tries to laugh but can only open her mouth to make a little grunt. She gets shy and likes to pull the blanket over her face. Tonight is the first night that she'll be sleeping in her room all by herself. And I know its much harder for me than her. I won't be able to look over at her and say "Goodmorning, eyeballs." Or wake up in the middle of the night and look over and see her sound asleep, or wake up to her kicking her little legs in the morning waiting for me to wake up and pull her into bed with us. But it'll be nice not having baby things all over my room.
I can't wait for her to learn how to roll over and sit up on her own. What I'm NOT ready for is standing and crawling. She can take as long as she wants doing that. 

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