It's been a while

Thursday, May 23, 2019

I've had some insane changes recently. On Mother's day this year I decided to split from my husband. 8 years we've been together. Things were fine relationship wise honestly. But I have a lot of shit I'm dealing with on my own. My mental health, finding my place, loving myself. I didn't feel like I could grow with a partner. I need to grow alone. I got married at 18, fresh out of high school. I didn't give myself time to get to know me, love me, take care of me. At 25 I am absolutely terrified of being on my own. But it's a detrimental step I need to take. You guys know I'm a risk taker. I'd rather regret something I did, than something I didn't do. I've made a lott of stupid mistakes as you can imagine. But hey, I'm living my life and doing the damn thing you know. I'm gonna use this space to vent and just document my journey, you're welcome to come along for the ride. Might not be interesting, but life doesn't always have to be. Sometimes it's just comfortable, you know? Anyway, I'm gonna get out of here, I'll post a lengthier update at some point. Cya.

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