Monday Must Haves #4

Monday, February 23, 2015

Another round up here of things I don't need but want!
Okay, so I haven't even smelled this perfume yet, but I own the other two so I'm not doubting that this smells absolutely amazing. 
I have always wanted one of these, I know they're more for the iMac's but I sure do miss having more control than a trackpad.
Ugh, one day I will own a pair, but I will not pay full retail price haha, they aren't something I constantly lust after, but something I would definitely appreciate.
Okay, we don't have computer speakers, we usually use Jose's old boombox if we want to play something a bit louder so an upgrade like this would be lovely.
We've been talking about getting this map forever, we JUST put our DBZ and Sailor Moon wall scroll up this week so this one would go in the living room. Also, this is the ELVISH Middle Earth map!
I typically keep the same bag for a pretty long time, but this one caught my eye. 
Okay this tealight holder is just too much for me, I need this asap.
I've always been interested in Mycology, though I'm not educated in that department at all. I sure would enjoy this mug.

 I absolutely love the way hollister jeans fit me, and I would love to add a pair of high rise to my closet collection.

 Justin Bieber perfume/Dillards
Ray Bans/Ray Ban 
speakers/Urban Outfitters 
middle earth map/Etsy
handbag/Forever 21
tealight holder/Modcloth 
toadstool mug/Modcloth 
high rise jeans/Hollister

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